ARU Reading List

Can be found here.


Coursera (free)

  • Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition here
  • Music as Biology here

MacProVideo (monthly fee)

You can find these on Ask Video as well.

  • The MIDI Orchestra - Enhancing Realistm here
  • Ochestration here
  • Creating Moods and Styles here
  • Game Audio here

Music/Audio technology

Uncathegorised (yet)
F.lux: Working late on your mac? Try f.lux
Film | Music | Medial (Youtube)
Film Underground
Public domain movies: wiki list, Public Domain Flix
Online film scoring courses here
Offscreen mangazine Vol.11 Sound in the Cinema and Beyond here
Historic Films here
A history of Film in 222 Heartbeats: short video
Composer Focus
Art of Composing
Alan Watts: The simplest and most advanced form of art. Audio here
Movies without music here.
Arduino Synths: link

Meetup groups

Composer tutorials

Bartosz's youtube channel: Mix, Sound, Music