assignments 2017


On a USB memory stick, you must submit four musical assignments by no later than 2 pm on Monday 18th Dec (week 13) to the iCentre. Each assignment needs to be accompanied by a short commentary of maximum 70 words and a few screenshots of the compositions' arrangement window (DAW). Each assignment is weighted as 25%.

A1 Imaginary Soundscape
A2 Short Film Audio
A3 Game Audio
A4 Synaesthesia

Download link for video material will be provided after you signed a confidentiality form. If you would like to use an alternative material, it needs to be discussed with the module tutor by week 5.

A2, A3, A4 can be replaced by a project focusing on audio-visual programming in SuperCollider, Processing, Max, Jitter, Isodora, ... I will introduce these software and ideas to you later.

You can also write music for one of these assignments to be performed live by an ensamble. We'll discuss options for this with Will Crosby in week 01.

In more detail

A1 Imaginary Soundscape

Module Assessment Weighting: 25%

Compose a musical soundscape that conveys information from one poem by Mick Gowar in this selection. Further guidelines will be given in class.

The length of the composition must be in between 2 minutes and 2 minutes 30 seconds.

A2 Short Film Audio

Module Assessment Weighting: 25%

Create music to a short film, where your music needs to convey emotions and scene settings in the video. Your composition should be informed by an understanding of issues discussed in class relating to film music.


  • (A2.01) Andrea Bortolaso - Through the Looking Glass - 16mm

  • (A2.02) Theo Douchand - Into my Arms

  • (A2.03) David Ryan - Postlude

  • (A2.04) Mike Winklemann - Transparent Machines

There might be a few other options added later. Also, if you have a short-film in mind that you would like to use, let's discuss this asap.

A3 Game Audio

Music/sound design for a game of choice.


  • (A3.01) The Dwarves of Glistenveld
    -- only music needed;

  • (A3.02) Croptection
    -- music and sound design needed;

As with A2, if you have another game in mind, let's discuss.

A4 Synaesthesia

Music/sound design for a short film of choice.


  • (A4.01) Synaesthesia 01

  • (A4.02) Synaesthesia 02

  • (A4.03) Synaesthesia 03

  • (A4.04) Synaesthesia 04

Further guidelines and additional briefs for all assignments will be given in class.

For extra points:

10 Minute Presentation

An oral presentation you examine how music and sound design was used in a film/game.

"The best way to learn is to teach." ~ unknown


Create a simple website with the following features:

  • Embedded SoundCloud or Bandcamp music player with your assignment's audio. You can embed music made not specifically for this module on your website as well (try to showcase different genres, emotions, ...); Remember, you mustn't share the visual material (and poems) without the permission of the author, copyright holder. In other words only your music can go public, not the original assignment material.

File Formats

The USB stick that you will need to submit to the iCentre needs to have audio and video files professionally organised in folders.

A1 must be submitted as a high-quality WAVE audio file.

A2-A5 must be submitted as high-quality WAVE audio files accompanied by a compressed .mp4 video files. Each assignment must be supported by:

  • hi-res screenshots of you DAW's arrange window;

  • commentary of maximum 70 words each (280 in total).

Further explanation will be provided in class.

Submission folder template

Link to folder sent in introduction email.



Save your work on a regular basis. Have you got Dropbox?

Assignment Criteria

Your work will be marked according to the criteria set out in the document Artefact Creation. It will be marked by your tutor and moderated by another staff in the music department. Selected submissions will also be examined by external examiners from other universities.

Most important advice

The assignments should be considered as your own projects, not something you have to do for me or the university. Follow the rules outlined provided in this module guide, assessment criteria, etc., however, please keep in mind that the outcomes of your assignments can (and should) become part of your professional portfolios, which you later can use for networking, job hunting.

Do it for yourself, not for me!

Just do it! ~ ✔