Module title:

Music for the Moving Image

Module code: MOD003619
Module tutor: Krisztián Hofstädter -- krisztian.hofstadter[at]anglia.ac.uk
Module leader: Richard Hoadley -- richard.hoadley[at]anglia.ac.uk


Thursdays 13:00 – 15:00 in Helmore 040 (Mac Suite), Cambridge


Music for the Moving Image allows you to create original music and sound design for poetry, short films and games using acoustic and computer-based methods of composition. You may either work with supplied material or collaborate with students from related, media production modules in the wider University or beyond. We will consider approaches to music composition for a variety of art projects, from art film, video game, installation and expanded cinema. An initial series of practical exercises shall encourage you to develop a range of compositional techniques, using appropriate computer software. Assessment is via the production of a portfolio of materials accompanied by a brief commentary that should place your work in the context of some of the current trends in film/music practice.


Student-tutor communication is via email. Please start the subject of your email with 'M4MI - ' for organisational purposes.

Besides information on this website, we shall share important and interesting information on the module's Facebook group. Please join!


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